Book Design "9 ENNEAGRAM : Personality Test"

Thesis Project for Bachelor Degree in Visual Communication Design Program


ENNEAGRAM is psychology model to describes 9 different personalities. Ideally, It used for describing how people resonates with the way people think, feel, act in the relation to the world, other and themselves. ENNEAGRAM is much more than a personality profile. But it make us understand insight into core personality traits, as it is deeper into the core motivations, defence mechanism and fear.


The ENNEAGRAM's structure which look complicated. Moreover, the full version of test consists of 144 statements which is unconvinced to complete it.


This book was designed to be simple and practical. By using info-graphics and creating symbolic to simplify ENNEAGRAM's system. The test was made it more comprehensible and created it as enjoyable game.


- 2012 : 50 quarterfinal of social creative art, BRAND's Gen 5th Thailand.

- 2012 : Selected thesis project at Ployseang 9th Exhibition, Thailand Creative & Design Center (TCDC), Thailand.