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Seashells : Visual of Thai Wordplay (2019)

Conceptual Arts / Arts in Context

Technic : Digital Collage

To portray homologous relationship between Thai culture and Thai language through wordplay. Wordplay is a cultural identity of Thai language, which reflects both Thai behavior and societal beliefs. This project plays with words by transforming Thai words to visual objects, it also displays Thai communication style in present context.


Thai Wordplay in Context

Thai language is considered high-context communication, where non-verbal language is more appreciated and communicated than the literal meaning itself, in order to avoid conflicts and to create harmony among people

Throughout entire history, wordplay has been of the core communication tools of Thais, it is often used for satirical and humorous purpose, since it's less confrontational.

Wordplay in Thai are divided into different types ; homophone, homograph, and double-entendre. Additionally it evolves into idioms where natural and cultural objects are contextually and heavily relied on.

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