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What happened in Kala (2020)

Conceptual Arts / Arts in Public Space

Technic : Paper Collage / Drawings

Location : Germany

This project was developed during my stay in Germany, inspired by political news and situations in Thailand. The news were reported in details by German media, but limited on Thai mass media channels. 

Coconut shell is used as a symbolic object, to represent situations in Thailand ; where people's rights to freedom of speech are suppressed, where the information is divided between people on the inside and outside, and where the truth can be seen clearly from the outside. 

The idea denotes an act of information consumption, a look through coconut shell. Information pieces are placed inside the coconut shell, for outsider to observe, and conceptually to imagine how it would be for insider to observe what's happening in the world, through a small hole of a coconut shell. 


Placed inside are 9 collage artworks made from news retrieved from German media and publisher, combined with surrounding local materials, such as, newspaper and packing.

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