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Fragile Portrait
Drawing, Print Making, Video, Performance
(2021 / 24)

This project was developed during my 14-day state quarantine in the hotel during the pandemic in the year 2020, after spending time as an artist-in-residence in Germany. While living in Germany, I have expanded my perspective by surrounding myself in different cultures and new environment. And I’ve allowed myself to express more about democracy, which is why “Freedom of expression” became my inspiration for this project. The topic is about the enforced disappearance of Thai dissidents. 

Many Thai activists who were self-exiled in neighbouring countries ended up victims of enforced disappearance. A forced disappearance occurs from time to time, but a formal investigation never progressed. Referring to the UN working group on enforced or involuntary disappearances, there’s a record of 86 cases of enforced disappearance in Thailand, and no Thai law is dedicated for this matter.


This project illustrates portrait of Thai dissidents, who were victims of enforced disappearance, and have yet to be found until now. Using a combination of techniques to create portraiture artworks.


Their portraits were freely drawn by using contouring drawing technique. The line without constraint depicts outspoken expression and speech, then produced further using printmaking technique. 

Drawing, Print Making 

Video, Colors, 4:30 minutes

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